bbathingsuitcoverup-DIY-IMG_7415bathingsuitcoverup-DIY-IMG_7484The purpose behind making this sassy little number is basically that no one really needs to see me in a bathing suit in the bright of day. I’ll be honest, pregnancy changed A LOT of things, most obviously : my chest, tummy, and thighs. All of which, if you haven’t noticed, are prominently featured when wearing a bathing suit. And since I’m not too interested in having it all hang out there or sport a frumpy oversized t-shirt at the pool side, I suit-ed up and cute-ed up with this.

Here are a few things I like about this dress: It can be made as a maxi or short. I opted for short because #1 these pasty legs need all the sunshine they can get #2 I actually like my little legs and don’t mind showing them off and #3 I literally wore this straight into the pool (over a bathing suit), and you can just imagine how ridiculous that would be if it were a maxi dress. I also made my dress straight so that it was fitted in the hips, which meant I didn’t have to worry about things being so snug on my midsection. And this project honestly took only about 30minutes. Which is totally the type of timeframe I can handle.

Sewing Machine
Knit Fabric – 1 yard (Mine was in the JoAnn Fabric’s Red Tag section, purchased during a 50% off sale, and then doubly lucky, there was a remnant on the bolt so I bought 1.5 yards for $3.50)

1. Fold fabric right sides together, with the stretch running horizontally.
2. Lay out a dress or tee shirt roughly the same shape you’d like your dress to be. Use it as a pattern cut through both layers of fabric to get the dress shape you like. I opted for a straight tank style.
3. Sew the two pieces together at the top of the arm openings where it will lay on your shoulders, and down either side of the dress.
bathingsuitcoverup-DIY-IMG_73844. Fold the raw edges in, tucking and pinning the right side under. Hem the bottom, arm openings, and neckline.
5. Totally rock that thang!

Any Questions? I am here to help! Just leave a comment below.


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